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Učestvujte u GreenSCENT besplatnom vebinaru – „Pametni i dostupni alati za obrazovanje za održivi razvoj“

Sa zadovoljstvom vas pozivamo da učestvujete u GreenSCENT Project vebinaru pod nazivom „Pametni i dostupni alati za obrazovanje za održivi razvoj“, koji će se održati na Festivalu Planete učenja, 24. januara 2024. godine, od 13.00 do 14.30 časova. 🌱

Ovaj festival podržan je od strane UNESCO i Learning Planet Alliance, a tokom vebinara naši projektni partneri će predstaviti različite alate koji mogu doprineeti obrazovanju za održivi razvoj.

Ovi alati uključuju cevne senzore, aplikacije proširene stvarnosti, izazove za mlade i druge inovacije.

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Exciting News Alert! Mark your calendars for Education Day at the Learning Planet Festival, co-organized by UNESCO and the Learning Planet Institute, on January 24th, 2023, from 13:00 to 14:30. 🌍

Join us for a dynamic webinar featuring educators, researchers, UX, and accessibility experts, as we explore intelligent and accessible tools advancing Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) 📚

What insights can you expect from the webinar?

– Delve into the concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and its varied implementations in educational settings.
– Explore an innovative augmented reality app developed as part of GreenSCENT, providing a deeper understanding of air quality and showcasing technology’s crucial role in ESD.
– Learn about tube sensors tailored for monitoring air quality, emphasizing practical use and adaptability in schools and homes within the GreenSCENT project.
– Discover the Agorize challenge promoted within the GreenSCENT project, an initiative for youth engagement, and explore concrete steps to foster student agency in sustainability initiatives.
– Explore the ClearClimate project which primary goal is enhancing accessibility in climate change education.

Don’t miss this comprehensive session set to inspire and equip educators with effective tools for ESD.

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